Aluminium Metal Stamping Blanks and why they are a great choice!

Posted by Caley Griffin on 6th Apr 2023

Aluminium metal stamping blanks are a popular choice for handmade jewellery, as they offer a number … read more

Royal Mail Strike 2022

Posted by Caley Griffin on 3rd Oct 2022

Royal Mail will be striking on the below dates towards the end of 2022. Royal Mail’s services will b … read more

Hammer Time! Lets Whack This.

Posted by Caley Griffin on 19th Feb 2020

Which hammer is best for working with Metal Stamping? This really depends on what metal you are usin … read more

Yey I made a lovely domed half clam shell necklace

Posted by Caley Grifin on 9th Apr 2019

So I had some time recently to make a lovely clam shell style necklace.I made this lovely Half Clam … read more

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