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Hand stamping is one of the best ways to bring a customised and personalised look to your jewellery. If you are looking for a means of creating unique jewellery pieces that stand out and look great, then where best to start your Journey here with Little Freckle LTD and invest in our quality range of Metal letter stamps, you will soon be on your way to making your work truly personal. We stock industry leading brands from ImpressArt, The Beadsmith, Stamp Yours, The Urbean Beader and Beaducation. We have a price range for every customer from Basic to Premium depending on your choice of metal.

Metal Letter Stamps are easy to use and can be combined ...with use in Metal Stamping, Metal Smithing, Jewellery work, PMC and Craft clay, you can easily create unique and individualised jewellery pieces that present any word or letter design combination that you would like. If there is a meaningful phrase or word that you would like to incorporate into your jewellery, metal stamping is one of the easiest and most DIY-friendly ways to do it.

Metal Alphabet Letter stamps are created from solid steel that feature an indentation on the bottom. All of our Stamp ranges and Brands are  precision-cut from high-grade steel to ensure a smooth indentation into your chosen metal. All of our Stamps are designed for use on Softer metals such as Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold and Pewter. If you choose to use Stainless Steel as your preferred metal we would advise using Stamps designed for use on harder metals like The ImpressArt Premium and Signature range and The urban Beader Range. These have been heat treated to a high temperature to withstand prolonged use on harder metals. You can be sure that a set of letter stamps will last through many jewellery creations and projects. Each letter set that we offer through our online store has been selected for its durability and high-quality standards.

Basic - ImpressArt Basic ranges are designed on a budget they come in basic plastic box and do not have extra design stamps. They are raw stamps with no coating and need to be kept dry.

Standard - ImpressArt Standard Range comes in an easy to access carry case, the box and Stamps are fully labelled. Each Letter Stamp Set has its own specially designed extra design and punctuation stamps.

Premium and Signature - Designed for use on Stainless Steel. Comes with the same as the standard sets. The Signature collection is a new Collection from ImpressArt for 2020 and replace the premium sets as an affordable option.

It takes practice to get the impression you want using a specially designed hammer and our metal letter and number stamps, you can easily and conveniently indent any design you choose into a piece of metal jewellery. With practice you will be creating truly unique and beautiful pieces, Making sure to tape to secure the piece of metal that you want to stamp before you get started will help to align your words and designs.

A great way to practice is on scrap pieces of aluminium or practice sheets, which you can buy here or you can also use household tin foil to save money. This will give you a clear impression of the stamp. Modelling clay is also a really good way to practice stamping and it can be reused. Any of these methods allows you to let your imagination run wild and offers a cost-effective solution to spacing and practice. This will allow you to clearly see what your design will look like and ensure that the finished product is in line with what you have in mind.

Try Letter Stamping Today and let your creativity shine at its best today by using some of the premium letter sets of metal stamping letter stamps that we offer. Get some inspiration by exploring designs online or through the Little Freckle website.

Try using letter stamps to make jewellery with anniversary dates, names and initials of partners or friends, or any inspiring or meaningful quotes and words that are important to you. With access to the entire alphabet, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Letter Stamps

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