Keep Your Bling Shining: Tips for caring for your Stainless Steel Ion Plated Jewellery

Keep Your Bling Shining: Tips for caring for your Stainless Steel Ion Plated Jewellery

Posted by Little Freckle LTD on 5th Mar 2024

Keep Your Bling Shining: Tips for Caring for Your Stainless Steel Ion-Plated Jewellery 

Hey there, jewellery lovers! Got some shiny stainless steel ion-plated pieces in your collection? Let's make sure they stay sparkling like the stars in the sky with these easy-peasy care tips from Little Freckle LTD

Our Super Sexy Premium ion plated Stainless Steel Blanks are perfect for metal stamping and engraving, they are REACH tested to ensure they have nothing nasty lurking inside their shiny beautiful shell and won't cause an allergic reaction. So you can feel confident that your are buying beautiful safe jewellery that will last. 

Lets take a look at how to care for your little beauties:

  1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Give your bling some TLC by wiping it down regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth. Think of it as giving your jewellery a little hug to keep it looking its best!
  2. Stay Away from the Nasty Stuff: Keep your Stainless Steel ion-plated beauties away from harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia, hand creams and perfumes. They're like kryptonite to your jewellery's superpowers and can dull that dazzling shine.
  3. Gentle Does It: When it's cleaning time, stick to gentle methods like using mild soap and water or a jewellery cleaning solution. No need to get rough and tough – your jewellery prefers a spa day over a wrestling match!
  4. Give Them Their Space: Store your pieces in a cosy, dry spot away from sunlight and humidity. Each piece deserves its own little love nest to prevent any tangles or squabbles with other jewellery.
  5. Handle with Care: Treat your bling like the precious gems they are! Be mindful of banging or scratching them against hard surfaces, and they'll love you back with endless sparkle.

With these tips in your jewellery care arsenal, you'll keep your stainless steel ion-plated pieces shining bright and spreading joy wherever you go. 

Use these tips to create a care card for your customers. 

Happy sparkling, my friends!