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All of Metal Stamping Blanks in Aluminium, Copper and Brass are jewellery grade metals. This means they are softer and easier to work with and fully comply with jewellery regulations. Our Little Freckle™ metal Stamping blanks are laser cut which means they will have a small nobble where the laser starts and stops. This can easily be filed down. You can purchase individually and in bulk to suit your needs and we offer a polishing service, called tumbling if you want a shiny blank to work with delivered to your door. We offer a range of Punch Cut metal blanks from ImpressArt ™ that are coated in plastic on both sides and will have one side with a rougher edge.

Metal Stamping Blanks & Tags

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Metal Blanks for stamping and engraving sold individually or in Bulk. We off Bulk pricing discount. Just get in touch we are happy to help! We pride ourselves in offering excellent quality at affordable prices. Don't see what you want from our collection? Then please let us know and we can create aluminium metal stamping blanks custom cuts for you.