About Little Freckle

Welcome to the home of Little Freckle.

We sell High Quality Craft, Haberdashery, Jewellery Findings and Supplies at Great prices. We now sell everything you need to make hand stamped jewellery and even make some ourselves, Custom Orders Welcome.

Little Freckle is an independent online boutique, dedicated to bringing you the best in cute jewellery, Jewellery Findings and supplies, accessories and craft equipment.

Little Freckle handmade items are sometimes only available in a limited quantity. This means that they are unique and designs may differ slightly between pieces. This means you can shop safe in the knowledge that you are supporting individual, original creativity and you will have a desirable item not available elsewhere.

Little Freckle has now branched out into Jewellery findings, so that you can make your own unique jewellery and accessories. I LOVE cabochons and am trying to build a repository of kawaii items for your use and enjoyment. If you have seen something and its not available here then please let me know and I will do my best to source this for you. x

Jewellery should not be expensive and occasional its an everyday expression. Come and join Little Freckle and see where your personality takes you.

If you see anything you like and and want it in a different size or colour, please get in touch and let me know.

Get in touch via the contact me page on the main banner.

Ring Size Guide

US Ring Size Diameter in Inches Circumference in MM UK Ring Size France Ring Size Germany Ring Size
6 0.652 51.5 L 51 1/2 16 1/2
7 0.685 54 O 54 17 1/4
8 0.717 56.6 Q 56 1/2 18
9 0.750 59.1 S 59 19