Space Metal Design Stamp Set 12pcs

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Space Themed metal design stamps, 12 silver metal stamps 6mm in size when hand stamped, Designs include UFO, Planets, Planet, Rocket Asteroid, Black Hole, Telescope, Constellation, Stars, Satellite, Planet, Comet
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Space Metal Design Stamp Set 12pcs

Embark on a cosmic journey with our Space-Themed Metal Design Stamp Set! 

Reach for the stars and ignite your creativity with this stellar collection of 12 electroplated metal design stamps. From mesmerizing planets to celestial constellations, this set features an out-of-this-world array of space-inspired designs that are sure to elevate your crafting projects to new heights.

Crafted from hardened steel, our 6mm metal stamps are engineered for durability and precision. Rated to endure stamping on a variety of softer metals including Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Pewter, and Annealed Silver and Gold, these stamps are versatile tools for jewelry making, metal crafting, and more.

Whether you're an amateur astronomer or a seasoned space enthusiast, this captivating stamp set has everything you need to infuse your creations with cosmic charm. Let your imagination soar as you adorn metal blanks, pendants, charms, and more with intricate spacecraft, starscapes, and galaxies.

With endless design possibilities at your fingertips, you'll be crafting cosmic masterpieces that are truly out of this world. Whether you're dreaming of exploring distant galaxies or simply gazing at the stars from your backyard, our Space-Themed Metal Design Stamp Set is sure to spark your imagination and fuel your creative endeavors.

So, why wait? Blast off into a universe of creativity with our exquisite metal design stamp set. Order yours today and let your crafting adventures take flight!

Size: up to 6mm 

12 Design Stamps, UFO, Planets, Planet, Rocket Asteroid, Black Hole, Telescope, Constellation, Stars, Satellite, Planet, Comet

Made with Electroplated Hard Carbon Steel with a matte texture making it much easier to distinguish. With regular use on softer metals it is thought to reduce wear out or wear down of the stamps and insures these stamps last a long time. works great with professional hammers such as the Square Head Stamping hammer SOLD HERE. 

*Rated for stamping on Alkemé, aluminium, pewter, copper, brass, silver, gold, Leather and wood.