Hammer Time! Lets Whack This.

Posted by Caley Griffin on 19th Feb 2020

Which hammer is best for working with Metal Stamping?

This really depends on what metal you are using and what weight you feel comfortable using. Below we have outlined the features for each hammer which will hopefully give you a better understanding of what will work best for you on your metal stamping journey.

Green Ergo 1lb Hammer

The green Ergo-Angle handle provides ideal positioning for clean even impressions. It is a 1lb Hammer with a replaceable Brass Head. The one pound head provides optimal weight for clean impressions.

The brass head absorbs the shock from hitting your stamps and protects them over time and the short handle design features multiple holding options for maximum control and comfort.

Brass will wear down over time and flake off, This is completely natural and rather than replacing the whole hammer you have the option of just replacing the brass head.

Cost £20

Square Head 1.75lb Hammer

The Square Head hammer is made from steel and features a smaller wooden handle which is comfortable to grip and use. The 1.75lb weight is great for use with larger design stamps that need more weight to create a stronger, clearer indentation. This hammer is well balanced and hard wearing, it will not chip or flake like the brass hammers.

With this hammer there are a few different ways to hold it. Most will use the wooden handle and allow the weight of the steel head to fall onto the stamp which alleviates the stress and added weight of the wrist or you can hold the square head directly and hit your stamps directly. This hammer is great with all metals and recommended if you are using harder metals like Stainless Steel.

Cost £30

1lb Brass Hammer by ImpressArt and The Beadsmith

The 1lb brass hammer is the original hammer for metal stamping. Featuring a weighty 1lb brass head. The plastic grip is comfortable to use. The Brass Head will need to be filed down over time as the brass wears down, this is a natural process as the brass protects your stamps from the impact.

Both The Beadsmith and ImpressArt lb Brass hammer are the same design, ImpressArt do a smaller 8oz hammer which is great for people working on lighter metals like aluminium and pewter or who have wrists issues.

All of the hammers mentioned above are stocked on site and can be purchased from the links.

All of the hammers will work for all metals like, Aluminium, Pewter, Silver, Gold, Stainless Steel. However we recommend using the Square head hammer for Stainless and larger more detailed design stamps as its much easier to work with on tougher metals.

ImpressArt £25
The Beadsmith £22
8oz £16.50

Thank you for reading and let me know which is your favourite hammer.