Charlotte 3mm Lowercase Metal Stamping Beginners Kit

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Charlotte 3mm Lowercase Metal Stamping Beginners Kit
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Charlotte 3mm Lowercase Metal Stamping Beginners Kit

This budget-friendly kit includes the essential tools needed to start hand stamping metal jewellery and keepsakes. The stamps and tools are all specifically chosen to ensure an easy and successful introductory experience.

The Soft Steel Hammer is designed to leave deep and even impressions, while the conveniently sized stamping block provides a solid stamping surface. The basic 3mm Bridgette uppercase letter stamps have a whimsical, fun, hand-written style that is great for beginners. These stamps are engineered from hardened steel and rated to endure stamping on soft metals*. The kit also includes 4 key chain projects, a practice blank, stamp guides, and a stamp enamel sample.

  • Multi Function Hammer  - Brass and Steel Head Produces deep and even impressions Nylon Head straightens out the blank after stamping
  • Stamping block + Rubber Pad - Provides a solid stamping surface
  • 3mm Lowercase Charlotte - Standard Set in Carry Case, Perfect, Forged in carbon tool steel and hardened to last. Lightly coated with oil to prevent rust. Contain no character marking to assist with identification or orientation
  • (3) Dog Tags , Aluminum Blanks; (3) 10mm Stainless Steel Jump Rings, (4) Spilt Rings

*Rated for stamping on Alkemé, aluminium, pewter, copper, brass, silver, gold, & other metals up to 56HRC Rockwell Hardness.