Dandelion & Fluff Flower Duo Metal Design Stamps 11mm

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Dandelion & Fluff Flower Duo Metal Design Stamps 11mm

Duo Set of two Dandelion and Fluff Design Stamp from Beaducation.

  • Dandelion design measures: 5mm wide by 11mm high.
  • Fluff design measures: 3mm wide by 3mm high.
  • Dandelion made from 1/2" square heat-treated tool steel.
  • Fluff made from 1/4" square heat-treated tool steel.

This Sturdy Metal stamps are made from square heat-treated tool steel and may arrive coated in oil to prevent rusting. Please wipe away with a paper towel and Do NOT use water as this will remove the outer coating which can result in the stamps rusting. Rated to use on all soft metals and softer stainless steel (if you are a newbie, "rated" means it's specifically rated yes/good/go for it). Please remember that just because a stamp "can" stamp in stainless, doesn't mean it will be easy. We do not recommend this metal for beginners. Stainless steel is very difficult to stamp on because it is such a hard metal. The larger and/or more intricate the design, the harder it will be to impress into stainless. Tape your blank to your bench block and consider using a 2 lb hammer.

  • Knives are hardened steel and none of our stamps should be used on knife blades or Metal Alloy Cutlery. 

If this item is out of stock, Please contact us Here and we may be able to get this in especially for you.

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