Copper Oval Stamping Tag Blank

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Copper Oval Stamping Tag Blank

These are substantial Stamping blanks at 1.2mm thick and are able to stamp on both sides with care.

These are laser cut stamping blanks made from Copper and come unfinished. They do not have any burrs and are smoothly cut. They do have a small nobble where the laser starts and stops which can be filed down by hand or using a dremmel.

Copper Metal requires extra care and attention to polish and keep it shiny for longer. When copper is cut using a laser, the heat reacts with the copper and will mark around the edge. This can be reduced/removed  in the tumbling process and with polishing pads.

Copper is harder to stamp than Aluminium and is heavier. You can create wonderful pieces using copper and heating it to produce different colours. Copper will discolour over time due to the reaction with atmospheric oxygen. You can slow this process down by using a protective wax to seal your work

Colour: Red/Pink
Quantity: 1pc

Material: Copper
Approx: 35mm Thickness: 1.2mm

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